I’ve been active in fitness with weight training and yoga for over a decade and throughout my fitness journey I’ve created a mini home gym. Not that you need a home gym to get in a good workout, but it makes it fun and keeps it challenging so you can get a great sweat sesh in anywhere. I’ve also included some of my favorite travel accessories so that way you can stay on track even while traveling.

Home Gym Essentials

A nonslip yoga mat, some dumbells, and balancing pads are a great start to any home gym. A yoga mat gives you space for your workout and traction for deeper stretches and fast movements. Lightweight dumbells are great for building muscle, burning fat, and getting toned. Balancing pads work your stability muscles and deep core muscles to help protect against injury. Training your smaller stability muscles will help engage your core and support your back throughout the day.

Sliders and ankle weights are a great addition to any home gym and a guaranteed way to fire up your workouts! If you’ve never tried TRX training, you should! It may look easy, but with these straps, you can get an intense and challenging workout at home.

Nonslip Yoga Mat
Lightweight Dumbell Set for building and toning muscles
Balancing/Stability Cushions

Travel Gym Equipment

Workout bands are a must in any home gym. I like using both the short and long bands as they just hit your muscles differently. If you’re looking for that fire burn pump add some resistance bands! They are easy to travel with and will spice up your workout anywhere you go. For cardio, I like to use a speed jump rope. You will need some space for this, but you can get your heart racing and burn calories with just a few minutes on a speed rope.

Short Resistance Bands
Long Resistance Bands
Speed Rope

Rest & Recovery

Recovery is just as important as your workout. Recovery is when the muscles are building ad repairing themselves, so it’s essential that you treat them right while they are sore. Staying hydrated will help, but to better release, the lactic acid build-up, use a foam roller or massage gun. The massage gun is better for deeper muscle knots and trigger points. If you’re dealing with muscle pain or strain, a TENS unit may help to ease the tension.

Foam Roller for sore muscles. Helps release muscle tension and lactic acid build-up.
Massage gun for trigger points. Helps ease sore muscles.

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