For fast and easy meal prep I’ve shared with you some of my favorite gadgets in the kitchen. From slicing and dicing to seasoning and storing. These items will help you cook a variety of meals in the kitchen to save time and keep you on track to reach your health and wellness goals.

Slicing & Dicing

Having a professional knife set really makes a big difference in the kitchen. But, if you don’t feel like chopping everything by hand, this chopper/slicer gadget works wonders in the kitchen and it’s easy to clean out! If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen even more this food processor is amazing. I use mine to make my own hummus, tomato sauce, and pesto! If you’re willing to splurge a little, it’s worth it!


More than one baking pan is essential for any meal prepper. With this variety pack, you can bake different seasoned chicken breasts and a plethora of mixed veggies to roast at the same time. Having lots of different spices keeps your food flavorful and interesting. You can either buy a pack like this one or transfer your spices into new containers to keep organized. Don’t be afraid to spice up your dishes! While your oven is busy, you can make a completely separate meal in your air fryer. I like this one because it’s also able to be used as a convection oven to get that perfect crisp.


Keeping your meals stored and organized is key. You want a clean fridge that’s easy to see your meal options. Fridge organizers can help with loose items. For storage, I like using glass Tupperware with lids. These ones have dividers so that I can keep dry and wet foods separated. They are great for oats with fruit or veggies with hummus. Also, freezer bags are great for storing meals in the freezer. Mason jars are great to keep leftovers or for making overnight oats.

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